WTF is SkyWalking and Rooftop Climbing!

WHAT is Sky Walking

Skywalking is one of the most dangerous extreme sports out there today. It involves standing or walking on top of SkyScrapers or structures like bridges at extremely dangerous heights..

What is Roof top Climbing

Also known as roof topping roof top climbing is an off shoot of suburban exploring  which involves climbing onto the top of roofs of buildings, and of course the higher the better. Just to take pictures and videos for kicks.

Why the F☆ck would you want to SkyWalk or Roof Top Climb.

Obviously its because of that big adrenaline rush and also there is that real risk of dying. But I think one of the real reasons people are risking their lives are for the great selfie video and photo opportunities.


Would you Sky Walk or Rooftop Climb?

Watch this video then answer the Question


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